Behind the Blog



Living with Spunk was created in 2017 with the intentions of being a safe place to share my raw and unfiltered experiences with others. In late January of 2017 I was diagnosed with unexplainable tachycardia, and forced by my doctor to take a medical leave of absence from school. The transition was tough. I needed a creative outlet and wanted to find a way to not only motivate myself but to also motivate other women. Spunk, by definition, means courage and determination. Who doesn’t want some of that in their life? After some self-discovery, a new job, and some trouble with my cognitive functioning due to brain fog and previous head injury, Living with Spunk was officially taken off of the web in June of 2017. This change made way to the new, personal, and much less high-maintenance Living with Spunk that you now see before you! The blogs differ in content but certainly not originality.


Hi! I’m Jess. I’m a 21-year-old recent college graduate living in Rock Hill, South Carolina. In my free time you can find me wandering around with friends, enjoying nature, or on a yoga mat. I have a passion for adventures (even if they’re small ones like taking a trip to the store), and love exploring abandoned buildings with friends. I am always open to trying new things (especially food). Who doesn’t love food? Food is amazing. I have been a freelance photographer since 2015 and love working with conceptual photography design. I’m about to head to graduate school, but I’m taking time over the summer to catch up on life, living, loving, and finding myself!