7 Super Simple Ways to Curb Anxiety (Tonight)


Let’s talk about anxiety, that uncomfortable feeling that starts in your gut, gives you cold and clammy hands, and makes you feel like you’re drowning in air. Everyone has dealt with anxiety at some point in their life, whether situational or generalized.

Situational anxiety– caused by new and uncomfortable situations, and changing events

Generalized anxiety– chronic, excessive, exaggerated worry about everyday life events with no obvious reasons for worry

Anxiety can be terrifying and sometimes long-lasting. However, it’s important to remember that it’s temporary and usually not life threatening.

I’ve compiled a list of 7 techniques that I’ve used to help deal with anxiety in the past.

1. Take a warm bath

Sometimes after a long, stressful day, we just need to take time to relax and decompress. I like to do this by taking a warm bath. Feeling sore? Add some Epsom salts to soak your muscles. Feeling overwhelmed? Try a bath in the dark with sweet smelling candles to calm your senses. Feeling sluggish? Try a bath bomb like these ones from Lush Cosmetics.

2. Drink something warm

Hot or warm drinks like tea, coffee, milk, and even water can be really soothing. Think of when you were little, did your mom ever make you warm milk before bed? Mine always made me a warm cup of chai tea when I was sick, and growing up with the mindset that warm tea can cure almost anything, I still use it to heal my mind and body today. My favorite de-stress drink is a warm cup of chamomile tea.

3. Put on warm socks

When we experience anxiety, especially intense anxiety, we’re usually left with cold and clammy hands and feet. A simple change in temperature can not only help with this super annoying symptom, but can also help provide comfort overall. The first thing I do when I feel anxiety coming on is pull on a warm and fuzzy pair of colorful socks. The brighter the better!

4. Color

Distractions are ideal when you feel an anxiety attack coming on. Grab some colored pencils, pens, or markers and a coloring book for some relaxing, distracting, and fun coloring. My friend gifted me a Supernatural coloring book for Christmas and I can’t tell you how wonderful it’s been to have around when I start to feel anxious or panicky.

5. Journal

Sometimes anxiety stems from pent-up emotions. Worried about something but don’t feel comfortable talking about it with someone? Journal it! It can be really helpful to write what’s bothering you, if you can’t talk about it. Just put it on paper and get it out of your head! Plus it’s really empowering to be able to go back and read about how you felt and know you overcame it!

6. Try out essential oils

My favorite essential oil right now is called Peace and Calming and is from a wonderful company called Young Living. Essential oils aren’t for everyone, but when you like them you love them! I use lavender oil for pretty much everything from headaches to anxiety, to a remedy for nausea, and everything in between! You can purchase them online or in-store. Most people use them in diffusers that spread the scent around the room, but you can also use some oils on your skin! I would suggest researching different options if it’s something you think you’d be interested in.

7. The rule of 15

If all else fails and you find yourself in the middle of a full-blown panic attack, remember that they can only last between 15 and 20 minutes. I learned this from my grandmother when I was younger and I can’t tell you how many times it has helped me out!

I hope these tips and tricks for dealing with anxiety help you as much as they’ve helped me! Good luck and happy self-caring!



Author: jessicahollen

Hey everyone out there reading this, my name is Jessica. I prefer Jessie or Jess most of the time though, just because I like to keep conversation casual. When you call me Jessica, I assume I'm in trouble for eating someone's candy stash or something. I'm a 21 year-old college student attending one of the last private women's colleges in South Carolina. I'm really proud of that. I'm here to share my thoughts on life, spread awareness for Inappropriate Sinus Tachycardia, and fight the stigma surrounding mental illness!

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